What fascinates her so much about plankton, how she gets her data and why she likes working in EU research projects. On the road with Meike Vogt, climate researcher and marine ecologist at ETH Zurich.

Researchers who want funding from the Horizon Europe programme usually apply for an ERC Grant or a Marie Skłodovska-Curie Fellowship, submit a collaborative project with research partners or apply for funding to contribute to strengthening Europe's innovative capacity. But Horizon

How biomechanist Sabrina Badir became an entrepreneur and launched a measurement device that could become the standard in preterm birth diagnostics. A conversation with the founder and CEO of the start-up Pregnolia.

A portrait of veterinary pathologist Anja Kipar, Professor at the University of Zurich: her discoveries of the effect of SARS-CoV-2 on the brain, and how she is able – as a Swiss university researcher - to participate in a Horizon

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What controls our genes? What mechanisms ensure that they are switched on or off at the right moment? Chromatin biologist Raffaella Santoro from the University of Zurich is seeking answers to these questions with her ERC project. Protocol of a

How epidemiologist Claire Guinat draws from the genes of the avian influenza viruses the secret of their spread, how this helps to more efficiently fight the disease and why this knowledge also benefits the health of people and animals.

How do asylum policies affect the subsequent integration of refugees and how to design an asylum process to promote integration? Dominik Hangartner, Professor of Public Policy at ETH Zurich, uses an ERC project to find practicable solutions. Rolf Probala met

How Konrad Schmid, Professor of Theology at the University of Zurich, researches the Hebrew Bible, what he discovers and why the findings from his ERC Project are of great significance far beyond theology. A report by Rolf Probala.