Why he is fascinated by statistics and how he, with the financial support of an ERC Grant, develops mathematical methods that make the hidden connections in large data sets visible. That is what Peter Bühlmann, Professor of Mathematics at ETH

How a simple method helps traumatised refugees from Syria to cope with psychological distress. An on-site visit to the Psychologist Naser Morina at the Department of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine in Zurich.

Of weather forecasts, climate models, why supercomputers are stretched to their limits and the consequences of these limitations: A meeting with Thomas Schulthess, Director of the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS)

How Euresearch helps researchers to participate in EU programmes. Five questions for Regina Schneider, Director of Euresearch and Karl Kerschbaum, EU GrantsAccess and Euresearch Regional Network Coordinator.

How an international research team lead by ETH Professor Dimos Poulikakos develops novel technologies related to water utilisation and harvesting by means of EU funds and how the EU controls the researchers’ work. A reportage.

How the neuroinformatics scientist Lydia Hellrung looks into the heads of people and thereby explores how neurofeedback can influence our decision-making behaviour. A visit to the neuroeconomics lab at the University of Zurich.

Rudolf Aebersold, Professor of Molecular Systems Biology at ETH Zurich, is among the international pioneers of modern molecular biology. With his novel measurement methods of proteins, he has contributed decisively to a new perspective on the life processes within cells

How ETH Zurich’s Professor of Physics, Rachel Grange, makes use of the optical properties of materials and develops novel devices. A visit to her laboratory.

How a spin-off of ETH Zurich and EMPA strikes new chords in string instruments, why this helps the tropical forests and what connects the funding of spin-off companies to bathtubs.

One training programme — two experiences How a European Training Network equips PhD candidates with the skills needed for their professional future, why plant scientists will never run out of work and why it is crucial for Switzerland to have access