What happens when a child is born with a variation of sex characteristics? And what does the care of these people look like over the years? A conversation with Paediatrician and Bioethicist Jürg Streuli and his doctoral student Martin Gramc

How can financial crises be prevented? What policies and strategies are needed for the ideal handling of financial institutions and financial crises? Professor of Banking Steven Ongena is researching these global questions – also with the support of the ERC.

She has dedicated herself to the same topic for over ten years: Magdalini Polymenidou researches the molecular mechanisms of the neurodegenerative diseases ALS and FTLD and is directly supported by the NIH for this purpose: a portrait of the biomedical

Tacit knowledge has long played an important role in architectural education and practice. Tom Avermaete, Professor of History and Theory of Urban Design at ETH Zurich, is coordinating an EU research project on this called TACK / Communities of Tacit

Climate scientist Sonia Seneviratne from ETH Zurich is currently working on three concurrent Horizon 2020 research projects, and two more will be launched by Horizon Europe in autumn. In addition, she has taken a leading position in two of the

The US National Institutes of Health NIH is funding the creation of a three-dimensional map of the human lymphatic system. Bernd Bodenmiller, Professor for Quantitative Biomedicine at the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich and a pioneer in imaging mass

In the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies switched part of their production to urgently needed face masks, protective shields or ventilators. In the Horizon 2020 project Eur3ka, Torbjørn Netland, Professor of Production and Operations Management at ETH

In a Horizon 2020 project, a multidisciplinary team of 15 researchers in six countries works on mathematically modelling processes contributing to mental health and resilience. The objective is a personalised app with which risk groups can train their stress resilience.

EU GrantsAccess campaigned for a project of the University of Zurich's Gender Equality Action Plan which aims to support young female scientists in receiving more research funding. A review by Project Manager Dr. Mihaela Falub and Sibylle Hodel, Representative of

An international team of researchers works on optimising radiotherapy with individualised methods of treatment. The project is funded by an ITN Grant and coordinated by Martin Pruschy, Professor for Molecular Radiobiology at the University of Zurich: a glance into the